Event Lighting

Nothing sets an atmosphere like event lighting. Lights add a wow factor to any party. Listed below are some lighting options. If you have a lighting design in mind, contact us directly

Rentals Price List

Up Lights


Up lights provide a nice ambience. We use up lights to accent your color scheme. These lights are strategically placed along walls, in corners or against pillars to illuminate specific areas.

Pin Spots


We use pin spot lighting to highlight items on tables like centerpieces, photos or auction items 

Market Lighting


String lighting, cafe bistro lighting or market lights are an elegant touch. Rates depend on design and what is needed. Many times we use existing structures to hang these lights, however we also use pipe and base to create a design from scratch.

Paper Lanterns


Paper lanterns are a fun way to add color or event decor. They can be attached to market lights, trees or strategically placed to dress up any venue. Lanterns come in assorted sizes, shapes and colors.

Gobo Lighting


Put your initials, name or company logo in lights. We can make any design and have lots of stock designs with phrases like Happy Birthday, Congrats or Seasons Greetings. You can choose a pattern design to project on a wall, ceiling or dance floor.

Dance Lights


We have all kinds of dance lights! Multi color ones, lights that move to the beat, lasers, lights that show beams using fog and lights that have patterns or shapes. We suggest visiting our instagram or youtube to get a sense of the different dance lights.