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Dynamic DJ Pricing

Dynamic pricing is a financial system for businesses that considers several factors when determining fair market value. Quantum Party Productions is using this system to determine rates for our DJ Services

All of these factors are considered when Quantum gives a quote. Your quote will come with an expiration date. With a $300 security deposit, you automatically lock in the quote. It will not increase.  However, if you need more time, the rate will start to increase as services will be in greater demand as we approach your event date. Once an event is within 90 Days, standard Quantum Party DJ Rates apply.  

To get a Dynamic DJ Rate and receive a Quantum DJ Packet, complete the information on the contact page. Please consider the listed factors and provide the details in the comments box. 

Day Of Event

DJ Rates for November weddings will obviously be less than DJ Rates for weddings during midsummer or what's considered to be peak wedding season.  

Time Of Year

The location of the venue will be considered. Although Quantum does not charge a travel fee, distance is automatically factored.  

Event Location

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Performance Time & Equipment Needs

Dynamic pricing considers the length of performance time or how many hours of music will be needed as well as how much equipment will be necessary to provide coverage for the event.  

Advance Booking

 Maybe the most important factor is how far in advance the event is booked. Simply put, the sooner you book a Quantum Party DJ for your event, the better rate you'll receive, like booking a flight.